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Cordy's Memories
Scifantisy Ron Snyder
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Jan. 6th, 2006 @ 11:03 am Champion
Main Entry: cham·pi·on
Pronunciation: 'cham-pE-&n
Function: noun
2 : a militant advocate or defender
3 : one that does battle for another's rights or honor

I’ve met many champions in my life... uh hello…. I am one. When fighting the good fight it’s not easy to come across many. Angel, Wesley, Fred, Gunn, and Illyria are all champions in their own right.

Angel’s a champion for more than one reason. He was once a soulless vampire (going by Angelus), who killed thousands of innocent victims without remorse. He was feared by both the undead, and humans alike. Angelus wasn’t someone you’d like to write home to mom about, but one day he became cursed by the gypsies.

The curse condemned him to an eternal life of torment, courtesy of his own remorse. See, his soul was returned to him. That way, he could suffer over all the pain he caused others. Because of this curse, Angel was driven to help the helpless as though they were family. He continually sacrificed his happiness for the happiness of others. He fought the demons, and fought against evil for the greater good.

Angel has watched loved ones die (some of them in his arms). He gave in to Wolfram & Hart so his son could have a better future. On top of all of this, Angel has done everything in his power to keep me safe. His accomplishments and his sacrifices have been made in an effort to create better tomorrow for the rest of us. Though the journey, and the road to his perfect world has proven to be a difficult one, he hopes that someday his sacrifices will grant him his humanity, and what he wants most of all; Angel has always wanted our forgiveness. I have no doubt in my mind he is fighting for it still.

In recent weeks, I’ve met someone that reminds me a lot of Angel. Their personalities, characteristics, and their pasts share things in common. He’s proven to me he could be a champion, or has already become one underneath his metal exterior. He lived as a human until the enemy took him. Like Angel, he became a feared creature in his universe, and committed indescribable and horrible acts. Then a miracle happened; a necessary spark of humanity returned, and forced him to realize what kind of creature he had been turned into.

It isn’t so difficult to believe that the machine has a heart. I’ve seen a glimpse of his humanity. He grieves, he feels, he protects the little people, and he has proven that his soul is intact. He has begun fighting his own fight for greatness, and can pummel a concrete wall with his fist without breaking a sweat. Kroton is a champion.

"Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be, it's harsh and cruel, but that's why there's us. Champions"~~~ Angel
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Jan. 1st, 2006 @ 08:53 pm Something I love and something I hate
This opens a very large can of worms for me. As much as I would love to go on and on about how I love shopping I think I’m going to be serious for a moment.

Something I love: The visions. I love the fact that my visions could save someone’s life. I love being a piece of the puzzle in the fight for a greater good. Saving someone’s life is usually accomplished only after some violence and demon destruction. It doesn’t matter though. The warm fuzzy you get afterwards outweighs all the guts and gore.

Something I hate: The visions. My visions have brought me a lot of emotional and physical pain. There’s nothing worse than feeling as though your head is being slashed wide-open, and molten lava is being spilled into your skull. That’s no exaggeration either. (You can quote me on that, as I’ve said it before) The visions are also an everyday reminder of Doyle. I don’t hate Doyle, that’s not even close to the truth. I hate that I miss him so much. Every time I get a vision, I’m reminded he’s dead.

I hate lies. Whoever said telling a lie can protect someone or keep them from being hurt is a dumb-ass. Lies are always uncovered and they always bite to the bone, or break your heart. I’m also a firm believer “white lies” are as bad if not worse as a full out lie.


Angel lied about sleeping with Darla, then she showed up at the Hyperion ready to give birth.

There was the time Wesley didn’t tell Angel about the prophecy foretelling “The Father will Kill The Son”.

Wolfram and Hart have hurt thousands of people with their lies and deceptions.

When Doyle (damn him) chose to keep from me he was half demon, and never shared how he felt for me until like, two minutes before he sacrificed his life.

I hate the fact that humanity is losing their honesty.
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Jan. 1st, 2006 @ 12:18 pm New Years: The mistakes I will not make again this year
1. I will tell someone I love them before making any pacts to become a higher being

2. I will not sleep or have sex with the son of the man I love.

3. I will not be a bitch. Ok, I'll at least cut down.

4. I will not wear my good clothes demon hunting or vampire slaying. No one likes demon sludge on their clothes.

5. I will not go to the ballet again.

6. If I see Skip I will run the other way.

7. I will not wear orange, it makes my complexion look ruddy.

8. I will not miss the sales at my favorite designers.

9. I will not let some two-bit director making a lame commercial tell me I look like crap.

10. I will not stop Angel from bludgeoning said director into a bloody pulp (Continuation of #9).
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Dec. 25th, 2005 @ 12:05 am (no subject)
Ok, I had a very disturbing vision. Not only did it feel like my head was going to implode, but my sight became doubled. I think they’re getting worse. Yet, I don’t know which is more tragic. The vision I had of the poor blonde girl getting ripped apart by the flesh eating demon, or the fact she has no sense of fashion. After we get there in time to rescue the poor girl, I will have to take the girl shopping. Let her know the true men of my life. Louis, Jimmy, Dolce and Gabbana.
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