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Aug. 7th, 2006 @ 12:05 am Relax
Cordy walked away from Adira and Angel to the study of the Great Hall. She plopped down onto the couch without a care, and swung her feet up onto the cushions, crossing them at the ankles. She felt so tired. Cordy let her head fall back against the pillow with a long sigh. She stretched her arms out straight, and yawned. She placed her hands down onto her stomach with her fingers spread out over her rounded belly. A small purr escaped her lips as a comfortableness floated down upon her. It was the first time in weeks she was able to just relax. From half open eyes, she looked down at her body and noticed how large her breasts have grown since she'd been pregnant. Holy cow! No wonder Ron has been so preoccupied with them at night. Cordy giggled to herself, and closed her eyes again.

My thoughts went swarming around in her mind. The last couple of weeks have been difficult. The baby had been reeking havoc on her energy. She felt like she'd been running on empty, with having to run the Demon Bean all by herself while Seven was dealing with Nechayev, Sahjhan out rounding up an Army to fight Doshiva, and Ron vampire hunting. A lot of her time anymore was spent alone. A small part of her almost regretted letting Ron go back out hunting again, especially with so much happening with the news of the "Prodigy" child.

Her mind wandered to Angel. Why was he back? Did he come back on his own? Not that she was upset he came back at all. She was actually quite glad, since she hadn't a chance to talk to him before he ran away. She was slightly hurt by the fact he hadn't come to her before he left. He was her friend after all, and she had been through a lot with him.
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