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Jul. 17th, 2006 @ 09:10 pm The Demon Bean [L- Cordy, Ron, Vampires, Patrons, Earl, Seven]
It's probably not a good idea for Cordy to be working the coffee shop as much anymore. She was always on her feet, and the smell of coffee was beginning to make her stomach turn. But, the place wasn't going to run itself. She normally loved coffee and couldn't get enough of it. Hell, it's why she started the coffee shop in the first place. Yet, one could guess too much of a good thing was truly bad. Of course the doctor told her to cut down on anything with caffeine because it's not good for the growing li’l one. She didn't know if Doctor Franklin gave her something, but now the smell..ugh.. The smell. That also meant she wasn't able to eat the Ho hos, Ding Dongs, and bon bons she'd been chewing on like piglet. Those did become her favorite pretty quickly. She could remember when she was pregnant with the Goddess/Demon Jasmine and had massive cravings. The funny thing is this time, this pregnancy, was different (yeah, no evil behavior or riots of mass destruction). She felt so much better, and had a certain glow about her.

Cordy was behind the counter drying dishes, canisters, and coffee cups before putting them back on the shelves. Ron was behind her wiping down the counters and tables. Every now and then he'd turn around and smile at her. She would catch a glimpse of him starring at her in the mirroring along the shelves.

The bell of the door jingled as a group of customers came in. Cordy looked over her shoulder to the door and noticed the heavy brows and fangs.
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