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Feb. 20th, 2006 @ 10:53 pm Change
Hell, now that’s a big word. So many things have changed in the last year; I’ve got no idea where to start. Besides the fact I was brought back to life, Angel left, I bought my own coffee shop, started my own business, and I have a wonderful boyfriend.
I’m not sure where to begin. I should probably start with my business venture. As most people know, I’ve started my own coffee shop. I’ve been extremely busy with renovations. Getting the place up to code and to my picky liking is a huge task within itself. I’ve come up with a name and its fitting. I’m calling it The Demon Bean. I’ve made the decision it’ll be open until 2am. The finishing touches are almost completed, and I hope to have my grand opening soon. Without further ado, I present the Demon Bean.

If any of you don’t recognize Los Angeles, it’s in this building on the corner of Lendon and Main.

I’ll be sending out a correspondence to everyone on the opening. I can’t wait: I’m so very very excited! I’ve got to go shopping for my opening-night outfit. I think Jimmy Chou or Versace would pull it together the best.
I want to also mention that I’ve developed a relationship with someone who has made several sacrifices and changes as well. I can’t begin to explain the extent of my elation regarding Sahjhan. He’s at my beck and call whenever I’ve had a vision, and is ready to run when someone is in need. I’m amazed at his transformation. I’ve gotta' admit from the beginning I was annoyed with his presence. We didn’t have the greatest of relationships because of our past, but I can safely say we’ve buried a hatchet. I know I won’t be able to forget the things he’s done to my friends in the past, but there is definitely forgiveness and redemption. He’s paving his way into my heart as a friend on a daily basis.
For the big clincher, I’m so incredibly nervous over this possible next change. I’m scared out of my wits and it’s one of the biggest changes I can see myself making at this point in my life. Most would say it’s not big, but for me it is. People have to realize the only man I’ve had in my life for the past three years is a phantom ghost named Dennis. Giving my heart to someone is a big step for me, but I’ve got something in mind, which is even larger. I only hope I’m not left holding the key. I’m sure I’ll soon find out. Until then, I have got to talk to Ron.

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