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Feb. 11th, 2006 @ 09:24 am responsibility
I think my eyes were too big for my stomach, so to speak. No, not really, but I’m going to be taking on a large responsibility. I signed a business loan, so I could open a coffee shop. I had a vision about a week before, and the incident happened near a closed coffee shop. It already had a lot of the amenities needed; all it needs is some spit, polish, a coat of paint, and new furniture. Okay, so it needs work. I’m the shopping diva. I’ll make it the most happening hot spots in Los Angeles. Just you watch. TLC Trading Spaces doesn’t have shit on me. I feel I’ve got a head for business, and a taste for what’s hot.
I hope it doesn’t sink like the Titanic, but all I need is a little faith.

I’ve taken the responsibility on myself as sole owner and proprietor. I have a feeling I bit off more than I can chew, but I’m not a failure. I’ll have the responsibility of running a business, managing money, supervising employees, and fighting demons, all while trying to carry on a personal love life. It’s not going to be easy, but lucky for me I’ve got wonderful friends and allies to help assist me. Sahjhan’s agreed to do a lot of my demon fighting, while Spike does backup. I’ll be doing a lot of the bookwork, since there won’t ever be another Wesley.

I’m doing it for more than one reason. I needed something to do with my visions, and having a coffee shop open until late, (mostly when the demons are out lurking) I can keep my ear to the ground. Plus, I can keep myself from going stir crazy.
I’ve been lonely up until recently, but I have the urge to continue with what Angel started. I feel I owe it to Angel, as well as my neighbors.
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