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Jun. 4th, 2006 @ 09:04 pm Home Sweet Home
Cordy and Ron made it home after the hell they went through earlier that night. Cordy couldn't get the sense of dread out of her system. She kept thinking about the poor guy being burned alive and turning into a demon of chaos. It was too eerily close to Winifred. She figured they both survived a huge traumatic shock knowing another demonic God/Illyria 2 has been brought forth on the Earth. No one had any idea of the pending doom or destruction this thing was about to or could cause. No one had any clue about this creature, it's creator, or its' history. That itself made Cordy shudder with the thought: She was involved with another monster being released to reek havoc on the world. It made Cordy start reevaluating what was most important to her and her relationships. On the car ride home she was pretty quiet. Then again so was Ron.

By the time they made it home Dennis had already bandages sitting out and a beer for Ron.
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