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May. 5th, 2006 @ 08:17 pm Unwanted backlash
*Laying in the hospital bed tossing and turning, feeling her eyes clinch shut as she is being thrown back into the nightmare*

Cordy walked down Rodeo Drive; strutting down the boulevard to the next expensive store for the next “bargain buy”. The bright sun shined down on her dark hair making it glow with an incredible radiance. She walked along carefree in her Gucci sunglasses happy that she had no demon problems, no brooding vampires; in fact, the only thing she had to worry about was which credit card to charge the Christian Dior dress to.
“Awww man, I maxed out my MasterCard at Neiman Marcus again. Ron is going to kill me!” She thought as she shoved her wallet back into her Prada purse. “Oh well, I’m making the money and paying the bills. He can suck it up a bit.”

She opened the door to Saks and walked in as only Queen Cordy would. She hadn’t been this happy since before her daddy tried to screw the IRS.

Suddenly, she looked around and noticed she wasn’t in Saks at all. The nice clean smell of the marble floors had diminished to the putrid smell of garbage and human waste. The bright lights of the store were gone and instead morphed into the stars of Los Angeles. Cordy was lost in a dark alley with only her good looks and her shopping bags.

“What the hell is going on here? When did Saks turn into homeless central?” She said.

She took another step and her foot plunged into a puddle of murky water. The rancid smell penetrated her nostrils.

"Ick!" She gagged. “Dorothy it doesn’t look like we’re in Kansas anymore,” she mumbled.

She took a deep breath and continued walking down the alleyway looking for a way out. After continuing another twenty feet she stopped. The alley seemed to keep going on forever. Cordy wrapped her coat around her more tightly and trudged on looking for the corner, a backdoor, something.

She started singing to herself, “You’re a real tough cookie with a long history, breaking little hearts like the one in me” then stopped because she can’t remember the words, but continues by making up her own, “doowah diddy diddy dum diddy doo, I look good, I look fine, Angel nearly lost his mind. Staking the vampires, turning to dust at my feet, singing doowah diddy diddy dum diddy do. Does this alley ever lead me anywhere? Doowah diddy.. shit… where the hell am I?”

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a strange figure up ahead leaning against the alley wall. The dark shadow moved along the length of the alley towards her. The figure continued creeping up with echoing footsteps. Cordy squinted and tried to make out anything she could in the light of the moon. Then, the shadow was gone. Looking over to her left she saw a door about to fall off its hinges. The door looked strikingly familiar. She moved closer. The door had years of dirt and wear on it. She sat down one of her bags onto the ground at her feet and with outstretched fingers touched the door running her fingers along disheveled letters. Dirt began to clear. She could make out “The Demon Bean.” She pulled at the door with all her strength barely budging it open, but enough to squeeze through.

Cordy proceeded slowly through the back hall, she passed the back count out room. Everything was covered in dust and she could smell a faintness of coffee mixed with must of just being old. She paused at the entrance to the main shop. The moonlight from outside shown faintly through a boarded up front window. A broken broom lay on the floor next to the broken and busted countertop. It looked as if the place had been vandalized. Tables were broken in half and had dark spots on the floor. She stopped cold in her tracks remembering that night. The images flashed before her eyes, reliving the pain, the stake, and the fear. She gasped as the remaining bags dropped from her hand as she reached to her mouth to muffle a scream.

“What happened to my coffee shop? Why wasn’t it ever fixed?” she questioned aloud.

“Because you’re dead. I killed you!” Angelus sneered at her as her eyes bulged out of her head.

He swiftly reached out and grabbed her throat, restricting her windpipe. He was a lot stronger than she ever remembered and she couldn’t possibly fight back. She was lifted up high off the floor and she clutched Angelus’ fingers trying desperately to pry them off. He had a death grip on her. Her vision started growing hazy with stars. She attempted to hit Angelus’ arms, but when it came to the blow was only a tap. The same became of her failures of kicking him. Cordy felt as helpless as a newborn baby.

“Ple---ase don’t,” was all she could muster.

He pulled her down to his level. With his free hand he reached over and ripped the shirt from her left shoulder exposing her scar. He sunk his teeth deep into the old wound. With a grimace of bloody fangs he pulled her back to look her in the eye.

“Does begging ever really work?” he beamed, “I mean, seriously?”

Angelus pulled her close to him. He could see and smell her growing fear. He leaned in to whisper, “If I let go, will you scream for me?”

His fangs dug down into her flesh, emptying her body of her life force. His hand released her throat. With the last ounce of strength she had Cordy whispered, “Angel, tell Ron I love him.”

Angelus stopped and lifted his head, “What a huge disappointment!”

He dropped her limp body to the floor. Cordy’s eyes slowly closed as embraced the darkness.

With her eyes still closed, heavy breathing followed. Cordy’s hands gripped warm flesh. Her fingers moved along the curve of a muscular back as her legs clung around the waist of her lover. She could smell Ron’s skin. Her hand slid slowly up his moist back and over his smooth baldhead. He penetrated her with long strokes and their bodies moved as one. Her back arched pushing her heaving breasts against him. He cupped one in his hand and caressed it tenderly. In one swift movement he lifted her body off the bed and rolled Cordy on top of him not missing a thrust.

Cordy’s passionate moans filled the evening air, “Oh Ron.”

She wrapped herself around him fully hugging him close to her as she climaxed. She pulled her head back so her lips could meet Ron’s. They shared a gentle but electric kiss. Cordy leaned back still straddling him, finally opening her eyes.

“I love you Ron,” she whispered. His head lifted up from the pillow out of the shadows and into the moonlight leaking through the blinds. [insert vampire picture here]

Cordy’s scream echoed through the apartment. “NO!!!!!!!! Get away from me!! Don’t!!!!!”

Ron smirked and before his sunk his teeth into her exposed throat, “What? Angelus gets to have all the fun?”

*Cordy feels a hand on her good shoulder shaking her*
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