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Feb. 15th, 2006 @ 11:04 pm Trust
Ha! I’m beginning to think the entire male species isn’t capable of trusting a woman’s ability to take care of herself! Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m fragile, weepy, or prissy. I can handle my own when I have to. I’ve kicked plenty of demon asses in my day. I’m completely unnerved. Why? I was out on my Valentine’s Day dinner date with Ron when I had a vision of a dark alley, and a young twiggy girl was getting attacked by a vampire (you’d think by now people would stay away from dark allies but NO!) Anyway, Ron wanted to come along to help (which I didn’t mind in the least) and see if he could back me up. We get there, and the vamp was about to sink his teeth into the girl’s neck; I pulled the stake from my purse and prepared to do some kung fu hustle on his ass, when Ron, MR. MAN, pulled out his phaser and dropped the guy. All I could do was stand there, with my mouth open, while he turns to me and tells me to “have at it”! I’ve slayed plenty of vampires in my day; I can handle a puny fanged-mouth idiot with bad hair! If I wanted an overly dominant sexist boyfriend I would’ve stuck around for Angel. Ugh, I’m so livid. All I can say is TRUST me. If I needed you I would’ve asked for it by screaming.
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